Meet the Enrich Products (EPI) Staff

At Enrich Products, we pride ourselves in providing only the best in Legionella control – from our equipment custom built at our headquarters in Pittsburgh, to our service both on and off-site.

Learn more about the dedicated and passionate team behind Enrich Products and see what the Enrich Difference can mean for you!

Andrew Keffer
Operations & Service

I like working here because it is nice to see a company so passionate about customer service while simultaneously so dedicated to its employees
Andy is one of the newest members of the Operations team. He was born in Ohio, raised in Georgia, and has a career background in mechanical and industrial fields, which makes him a versatile member of the Enrich team.

Bob Grady
Plumbing Expert

I love having a flexible schedule and the freedom to work independently.

Bob has worked at Enrich for nearly 20 years. Over the years, he has become our plumbing supply expert- providing support, parts, and equipment for EPI Systems and local institutions.

Erik Harker
Operations, Sales & Technical Support, Service

It is very rewarding knowing that I support a product that is actively preventing hospital-acquired infections for anyone who comes in contact with the drinking water.
Erik joined Enrich right out of college, helping refurbishing electrode cells. He moved onto fieldwork, including service equipment, and has more recently moved into operational management and technical support, including everything from scheduling service calls, interpreting lab results and system status updates, and fielding inquiries from new and current customers about the function of their systems.   Erik has loved seeing how much Enrich has grown during his 7 year tenure, and likes the fact that the work he is doing can actually be saving the lives of anybody who comes into contact with drinking water.

Aaron Marshall
Operations Manager

I am greatly honored to do our part supporting U.S. Manufacturing and other small businesses.
In his 13 years working for Enrich Products, Aaron has held just about every minor and major position Enrich has to offer, including his current position as Operations Manager. He loves many things about being a part of the Enrich team, but above all, he loves the opportunities for professional growth that Enrich has given him, working alongside a great group of coworkers, and supporting the American manufacturing industry by being a part of a company that makes all of its products in the United States.

Neil Silverberg

Since starting the company 31 years ago, our product line has changed dramatically. I credit our success to our unrivaled customer service and our great employees.

Neil founded Enrich 31 years ago as a plumbing and heating wholesaler. After years of distributing TarnPure copper/silver ionization, Enrich shifted gears and began manufacturing their own copper/silver ionization system, the EPI System, and all of his years dealing with distributors as customers made the transition a natural one. The fact that Enrich provides a service that is actually beneficial to the lives of others and preventing a disease is particularly rewarding to Neil, and he also really enjoys working alongside of the members of his great team.

Joshua Simon
Operations, System Construction, Inventory, Local Service Coordinator

I love the close knit working environment, the flexibility that Enrich provides, the day to day challenges, providing a service that helps people, and being able to travel around the country to new places.
Josh has been a part of the Enrich team for over 3 years, working in a number of different roles during his time with the team. He is constantly motivated by the interesting challenges and opportunities that each day brings, with no two days ever being exactly the same. Josh also enjoys working alongside the rest of the Enrich teams, and the opportunities Enrich has given him for travel, meeting new people, and most importantly, providing a service that helps people.

Virginia Shields
Administrative Support, Marketing Coordinator

Enrich has a great culture of teamwork and responsibility. Since we are such a small company, we all need to work together to accomplish our shared goals.
Having first worked with Enrich by developing a tradeshow handout, Virginia provided occasional administrative support as needed until she became a permanent employee in the fall of 2013. Virginia’s role with Enrich is to handle administrative support and to help in coordinating marketing efforts. She loves that her job is a little different each day, with lots of freedom to manage tasks, and she also loves working side by side with a great team.

Bug Speer
Block Patrolman, Part-Time Receptionist

Arf! Arf!
A member of the Enrich staff for 3 years, Kimbo Lou Treuhaft Wallace Speer, whose friends know him as Bug, holds a lot of responsibilities around the office. Bug greets all guests to the office, ensures the good intentions of deliverymen and courier drivers, and generally keeps the peace on Penn Avenue. Bug loves sleeping in his chair, sleeping in the window, sleeping on his fleece, playing with his hot dog ball and tug toy, and most of all, going for walks and spending quality time with his coworkers.

Sally Speer

I get to go home knowing that what we do helps people, specifically our customers, to maintain a safe environment for their staff, customers, residents and patients.
Sally has been a part of the Enrich team for over 9 years. Her role has evolved along with the company. She handles all things accounting, including new system sales, reporting and invoicing. Sally loves the fact that she gets to work with such an enthusiastic, committed team. Her pet bulldog, Bug, comes to work with her everyday and is an important part of the Enrich family.

Barry Wandel
Vice President, Development

It is very fulfilling for me to be able to help facilities incorporate a technology that helps prevent people from getting sick.
Barry has been the Vice President of Enrich for over 10 years. He particularly appreciates his role in helping prevent illness and save lives through copper-silver ionization, and he loves the fact that Enrich not only provides the best method for controlling Legionella, but that they also form partnerships with each customer to help ensure the best efficacy of the Enrich solutions.