Controlling Legionella is Critical

Whether proactive or reactive, EPI Copper Silver Ionization is the answer.

EPI Controllers
EPA Registration 086131
NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 Certified
EPI Copper Silver Ionization
EPI Copper Silver Ionization

Legionella lurks in most water systems and buildings. Is your water protected?

At Enrich Products Inc., we pride ourselves on becoming partners with our clients. Our copper silver ionization systems offer real-time control, giving you round the clock protection. With unparalleled service and affiliates across the nation, we can be anywhere in the US and Canada within 48 hours. Keep reading to learn more about our superior equipment and dedicated staff.

Superior, Rugged Equipment

Machined aluminum electrode cells with custom flanges stand up to the toughest conditions without cracking, leaking, or damaging your pipes.

State-of-the-Art Controllers

Intuitive touchscreen controls, free software updates, and a secure lock-out make our controllers the Best Available Technology for Legionella control. We also offer remote monitoring, so you can save time and man-power while keeping your system updated.

Unparalleled Service

With expert technicians available 24/7 and affiliates across the nation, you’ll never be left stranded when you have a question.

Flow Meters for Accurate, Real-Time Results

Every EPI system comes with a flow meter, installed by our experts, that accurately regulates the amount of ions released into the water based on real-time usage for true proportional control.

Third-Party Validation

Sure, we think our equipment is the best. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. We validate every system with third-party lab analysis each month and our expert technicians give you customized reports to keep you running at peak efficiency.

Committed to Compliance

We will work with your infection control team, and meet any and all regulatory requirements. Enrich is fully committed to regulatory compliance. We are proudly registered with EPA, NSF, and UL.

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